Faceless Reflection  is an eclectic mix of my writing through a variety of digital formats. Under ‘Portfolio’ you will find (you guessed it) my writing portfolio, which contains a selection of my recently published work. A few of the articles posted in my portfolio are from my digital magazine ‘SuccessHackr‘ which explores the journey of the millennials in an increasingly turbulent world.

The articles in my blog are approached in a journalistic style, that explores people’s journey’s through mental illness and life’s hardships, through positive reflection. Our ‘Faceless’ friends have each experienced completely different struggles in life; with some harrowing truths about their past, each friend is connected through their appreciation of  lessons learnt whilst recognising that their most valued skills and talents have resulted from the most difficult parts of their pasts.

The reason for Faceless Reflection is to combat the negativity around mental illness. Although some great work is being done around the subject – with many people opening up about their individual struggles – Faceless Reflection is here to provide a more positive angle from an outsider’s point of view on people from all walks of life: a gentle reminder of the positive attributes that our Faceless Friends hold, yet frequently forget they have.