Success Isn’t For You

Published by SuccessHackr

Success isn’t for you. Now, hear me out. When I was younger, I was training to be an actress. In fact, I was training to be an actress since I was six years old; it was my life, and the only thing I wanted for the next 15 years. During the middle of my time at university however, I found my desires start to dwindle. This was so much so that by the time I finished university; my dreams had pretty much completely disappeared.


Unable to let go of my childhood dream, I auditioned for the postgraduate courses at all the big drama schools. I believed my lack of confidence was the reason for the absence of my dramatic passions; that this was a temporary blip in which drama school would mend, and thus my love of acting would be re-ignited. Yet, instead, the opposite happened. I met people at these auditions whose desire for acting was burning as strongly as it was when they were children, and after meeting these people, I decided to let my dream go.


Success for me was achieving my childhood dream. Success was being able to prove to people that I could do it- I was one of the people who’d made it in this incredibly difficult industry. Then I realised: this isn’t what success is; this is what pride is. And damn, pride can destroy so much. I still get people telling me to not ‘give up’ and that I can still go for it. But I’ve found passion in something else, and auditioning for these schools allowed me to understand that I didn’t give up due to a lack of confidence, I actually just let go of the past, so that I can move on with my future.


Success is finding value in what you do. Doing a job that impresses others or is there to prove your capabilities is not going to be beneficial for you, and ultimately you’ll achieve the opposite of what you aim to prove. Make sure your integrity lies in what is most valuable to you, not to what you think others find most valuable, and know that it’s okay for your focus to shift on to other topics of passion. This does not mean you’ve failed yourself or anyone else.


The Seven Deadly Sins are a great way of seeing if you’re doing something for the right reasons. For instance, Pride: proving to others that your abilities are worth more than theirs, as well as constantly seeking validation. Envy: trying to induce jealousy in others implies that it’s you that’s in need of something, that you’re envious of what others have. Greed: for those who seek success in the Arts for fame and fortune, will find themselves bound for a journey of disappointment. This also applies to those seeking success in materialistic fortune, as they will find emptiness in the parts of their lives that really matter.


Some people’s childhood dreams don’t change, and to those people- I salute you. But for a lot of people, like me, they do change. Once you realise this and, more importantly, accept this, then you can apply that drive and passion towards achieving something else. This will allow more doors to open for you, and allow you to find more happiness and satisfaction in what you do.


Success is an inner peace. Success is a deep knowledge that you have found something that is valuable to you, something you can nurture and develop- but let go of if you need to. Success is satisfaction that you have discovered you’ve very own, unique, meaning to life.

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