How Music Entertains the Different Facets of my Personality



I can venture into any realm of music or character of my choosing without confusion […My] new music is cosmic and three-dimensional, and it will really speak of who Princess Nokia is. Princess Nokia is sound. It is progression. It is all that I am.

– Princess Nokia, Bullet Magazine.

I was born in Hampshire, England. Hampshire is one of the least diverse places in the world; mainly lived in by gypsy travellers and farmers, the majority of my conversations growing up went like this: ‘how do you feel about them badgers, then?’

Having grown up with a dad who could only be described as a complete lunatic, I had a very eclectic taste in music from a young age. Instead of the typical parent banning music they thought was too rambunctious or inappropriate, my dad did quite the opposite: he encouraged it. In fact, whilst all my primary…

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